The German Shorthaired Pointer:  a Hunter's Guide
By David Gowdey

After more than 40 years breeding, raising, training and hunting German Shorthairs, Dave Gowdey knows what he's talking about, and it shows.  Written from the perspective of an experienced upland bird hunter and amateur dog trainer - this book is targeted at the German Shorthair owner that wants to train their own dog to be both a fine hunter, and a good family companion. 

The book gives a detailed account of the origins of the breed, its rise to popularity in the US and abroad, the current state of the breed and its future prospects.  It also contains invaluable advice on training, hunting and living with German Shorthairs - along with some interesting German Shorthair anecdotes. 

The easy training regime Mr. Gowdey lays out and advice on hunting and living with German Shorthairs will help any owner of a GSP turn their dog into a great companion at home and in the field. The low force training takes advantage of the dog's natural instincts to teach it obedience commands, to point staunchly, retrieve reliably from land and water, and to reliably take direction from its owner.  More unusually, Mr. Gowdey explains the roots that these behaviors have in instinctive canine behaviors and psychology, and how the training brings these instincts to the fore with a minimum of force and expense. 

This book is a "must have" for anyone who owns a German Shorthaired Pointer. Owners of other pointing breeds will find the hunting and training advice, and analysis of canine behavior, contained in this book to be well worth the price. 

Reviews for The German Shorthaired Pointer: A Hunter's Guide.

You'll find much of value in David Gowdey's The German Shorthaired Pointer (A Hunter's Guide).
...For Gowdey the shorthair is a live-in hunting companion that hits the field hard with intense game-finding ability.  Half of this very useful book follows up on Gowdey's view of the breed and offers a detailed, minimal-force training regime.  The letter and spirit of his methods will suit both hunter and dog for good work afield and solid companionship at home

Christopher Camuto, Gray's Sporting Journal, September/October 2009

Let's give Dave Gowdey a huge round of applause...Drawing on more than 40 years' experience with traditional German Shorthairs as family companions and hunting dogs primarily in the Southwest, Gowdey writes with clarity and insight.  ...
Throughout the book, Gowdey's admiration for this breed is evident.  He closes with a list of practical jokes German shorthairs play on their owners.  We own shorthairs and will vouch that every trick listed is pure truth. 
Nancy Anisfield, Upland Almanac Spring 2010

The author guides the reader beyond simply breed history, however, and gives practical advice onbreeding, pup selection, health and feeding. Additionally, he spends several chapters on training-from building a good foundation in early puppyhood, to finesse training... and everything in between. He wraps up his book with a chapter entitled "Odds and Ends",and anyone who has ever owned a GSP or a DK will find themselves hooting and howling with laughter, and surreptitiously wiping tears away in sympathy and remembrance as he describes in great detail (and from personal experience) the breeds' affinity for mischief, troublemaking, escape, and food thievery.

In short, that David Gowdey is an experienced foot hunter writing a hunting dog book from a foot hunter's perspective is evident at every page turned. Hunters seeking down to earth advice from another hunter about the selection, care and training of a German Shorthaired Pointer could do much worse than to seek it from Mr. Gowdey's 2009 offering from Wild Sky Press. Kudos! 
Nancy Schneider, North American Deutsch Kurzhaar Club E zine

"Every German Shorthair should come with a copy as an owner's manual." 
Robert Suber,

"I used this book as my guide for training my first GSP, and couldn't be happier. I thought I knew a few things about dog training, but after reading this book I humbly admit my method was flawed and I had a lot to learn. He gives you fantastic information about what to expect from your dog and how to deal with its behavior accordingly, so as to avoid potentially bad habits in the future. It was also entertaining and humorous, making it a quick read. I suspect there are a lot of people out there who are like me (anxiety ridden fools who just want a good dog that points and retrieves the 1 bird you manage to shoot a year) so to them I seriously recommend this book. It's not just a dog training guide; it's a stress reliever." J Davenport,

"David Gowdey is an experienced dog breeder and hunter who has a lot to offer the curious would be dog owner. I have gained a lot of respect for his insight on how dogs react and how you can use this knowledge. I like his attitude to minimal force training. This is the type of guy you want to go hunting with. This is a great book - very well written which also holds a lot of humor and love for this great dog. I don't understand why I'm the first to write a review. There ought to be hundreds of good reviews on this masterpiece of a book!"Flemming Nielsen,, UK

"After reading several dog books, I finally found one the author brought a sense of practicallity to the table. Fun to read and the training methods work. My 10 week old pup is already on the road to becoming a great companion and hunting partner."  Tom,


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Tight Lines & Heavy Game Bags
by  David Gowdey

Tight Lines and Heavy Game Bags is an eclectic collection of 29 short stories and essays about everything from bird dogs to zumbador.  

These wonderful stories take the reader hunting and fishing around the world, from the highlands of Scotland and County Mayo in Ireland, to the high Ecuadorian Andes, to the shores of the Black Sea, to the rugged deserts and mountains of the American west.  The stories draw upon the experiences the author had over more than two decades as a US diplomat and UN official, hunting and fishing on four continents.

This is a collection of stories about hunting and fishing in it's broadest sense.  Some of the stories will make you laugh out loud, some may bring a tear, some may even make you think, but all will entertain. 

For those fans of Mr. Gowdey's book on German Shorthairs, his lifelong love affair with bird dogs shows through in this book as well.  You will still find stories about three generations of his German Shorthairs, and the adventures he had with them hunting birds on two continents.   However, you will also find stories about fishing for marlin, bonefish, Atlantic salmon, and trout; hunting for wild goats, the quails and pheasant of North America, and the perdiz and zumbador of South America.

This book belongs on the shelf of every hunter, angler, and bird dog lover. 

David Gowdey is well known in Gray's and elsewhere for his writing on the German shorthaired pointer.  We see a broader range of his outdoor interests in Tight Lines and Heavy Game Bags: Stories of Hunting, Fishing, Dogs, and Other Important Things (Wide Sky Press, hardbound, $29.95) an engaging if loosely written collection, including some fine essays on the dogs he loves.  ...
.  A diplomat for much of his career, Gowdey has enjoyed the perks of far-flung venues-salmon fishing in Scotland, perdix hunting and marlin fishing in Ecuador, even some goat-thinning in the Galapagos.  When not far-flung, he writes with warmth about the traditional fishing and hunting he grew up with in Arizona.  There's a fully expressed outdoor life in these pages.  
                      Chris Camuto, Gray's Sporting Journal August 2014
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